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Sybase Frequently Asked Questions

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Sybase FAQ

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Where can I get the latest release of this FAQ?

International Sybase User Group

The main page for this site is http://www.isug.com/Sybase_FAQ.  It is hosted there by kind permission of the International Sybase User Group (http://www.isug.com) as a service to the Sybase community.

Last major update: 21st February 2003.

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What's new in this release?

Release 1.9

  • Running multiple servers on a single server (UNIX and NT).

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What's happening with the FAQ?

ISUG is currently in the process of officially taking over the maintenance of this FAQ. When this process is complete, we will be adding additional sections on PowerBuilder, PowerDesigner and WorkSpace.

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How can I help with the FAQ?

Currently we are looking for people to coordinate the FAQ sections for SQL Anywhere (formerly ASA), PowerBuilder, PowerDesigner and WorkSpace. If you are ready and able to take on any of these, please let us know.

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Who do I tell about problems in the FAQ?

The current maintainer is David Owen (dowen@midsomer.org). However, this role is being taken over by the International Sybase User Group. Please send any updates to moc.gusi@qafesabys. If you have an FAQ item (both the question and the answer) send it to the same address so we can include it.

Please do not send FAQ items directly to any of the officials at ISUG.

Also, do not send email to Sybase, they are not responsible for the contents of these documents. See the Disclaimer.

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Acknowledgements and Thanks

Special thanks must go to the following people for their help in getting this FAQ to where it is today.

  • Pablo Sanchez for getting the FAQ off the ground in the first place and for many years of dedicated work in maintaining it.

  • Anthony Mandic (am@peppler.org) for a million things.  Patiently answering questions in all of the Sybase news groups, without which most beginners would be lost.  For supporting and encouraging me in getting this FAQ together and for providing some pretty neat graphics.

  • The ISUG, especially Luc Van der Veurst (lucv@az.vub.ac.be) and Michael Peppler (mpeppler@peppler.org), for hosting this FAQ and providing support in setting up the website.

  • The members of the various news groups and mailing lists who, like Anthony, provide unstinting support.  The list is fairly long, but I think that Bret Halford (bret@sybase.com) deserves a mention.   If you go to Google News and do a search, he submits almost as many replies as Anthony.

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Hall of Fame

I am not sure how Pablo chose his select list, there is certainly no question as to their inclusion.  I know that there are a couple of awards that the ISUG give out each year for the people that the ISUG members believe have contributed most to the Sybase community that year.  I think that this section should honour those people that deserve an award each and every year.  If you know of a candidate, let me know and I will consider his or her inclusion.  Self nominations are not acceptable :-)

The following people have made it to the Sybase FAQ Hall of Fame:

  • David Owen (dowen@midsomer.org) David maintained the FAQ for several years. Thank you David!

  • Michael Peppler (mpeppler@peppler.org)   For Sybperl and all of the other tools of which he is author or instigator plus the ceaseless support that he provides through countless mailing lists, newsgroups and directly via email.

  • Scott Gray (gray@voicenet.com)   Father of sqsh, much more than simply a replacement for isql.  How anyone developing or administering Sybase can survive without it, I will never know.

  • Pablo Sanchez ( www.hpdbe.com)  Pablo got the first web based FAQ off the ground, wrote most (all?) of the first edition and then maintained it for a number of years.   He did a fantastic job, building a resource that is worth its weight in gold.

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Copyright and Disclaimer


You are free to copy or distribute this FAQ in whole or in part, on any medium you choose provided that you:

  • include this Copyright and Disclaimer notice;
  • do NOT distribute or copy, in any fashion, with the intention of making a profit from its use;
  • give FULL attribution to the original authors.


This FAQ is provided as is without any express or implied warranties. Whilst every endeavour has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the information contained within the articles, the author, nor any of the contributors, assume responsibility for errors or omissions, or for damages resulting from the use of the information contained herein.

If you are not happy about performing any of the suggestions contained within this FAQ, you are probably better off calling Sybase Technical Support.


This site and all its contents belongs to the Sybase FAQ (http://www.isug.com/Sybase_FAQ).

Unless explicitly stated in an article, all material within this FAQ is copyrighted. The primary copyright holders are David Owen and Pablo Sanchez. However, all contributed material is, and will remain, the property of the respective authors and contributors.

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