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ISUG Enhancements Process

One of the most important roles played by ISUG members and users of Sybase products is that of helping to improve Sybase products. Through the enhancements request process, you may draw on your own experience to suggest fixes and new ideas for the next release. In order to submit an enhancements request you must be either an ISUG Associate Member (free) or an ISUG Regular Member (paid). However, you will need to be a Regular ISUG member to vote on any enhancements in the system. (Join ISUG now)

The Enhancements Process

When users submit an enhancement request (using the Enhancement Request Form), it is sent to ISUG's enhancements committee. When the request is approved, after verifying the contents and adding a unique identification number, the following steps are taken:

  1. The request is added to the website .
  2. A confirmation is sent to the requester.
  3. ISUG members can rank the request and provide comments that could be useful for other voters and/or Sybase

The Sybase engineers who subscribe to the list will be able to give us a first indication of how Sybase is looking at the request and if plans for that request already exist.

Members may post topic related questions or remarks to our SIG mailing lists (listnames starting with sig-). These lists are an extension to the SIG meetings at conferences and may be used by members only. ISUG also accepts enhancement requests for Education, Support, and ISUG.

The Voting Process

ISUG is using an absolute voting process meaning that each request could be a given a vote independent of the other requests. There are 5 possible votes, each expressing another attitude you can have about the request :

5: Needed
4: Recommended
3: Undecided
2: Not Recommended
1: Not Needed

This system has its disadvantages when used to rank the requests. So keep in mind that if you like all requests equally, that you won't influence the ranking. Better is to give a high score to a limited number of requests who are your favorites.

Sybase Responses

Sybase can put a request in one of the following categories:

C in Current products
P Planned for a next release
U Under consideration
A Awaiting more votes
I need more Information
N No plans
X This is not a feature, but a bug

Also an explanation why the request received that status can be given.

Note: The development, release, and timing of any features and functionality described for Sybase's products remains at Sybase's sole discretion. Any forward looking information on this website, including stated plans for new features and enhancements, is intended to outline Sybase's general product direction and should not be relied on in making a purchasing decision.

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