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Sybase Job Postings

ISUG hosts a mailing list on its member site to which employers and recruiters may submit job postings. This is a free service provided by ISUG, and as such, there are strict requirements for postings. Therefore you may not post directly to the list. Instead, submit the details of the position to jobs@isug.com using the following template:

Job Title:
Job Type:(Permanent or Contract + Length)
Salary:(Specify amount or range; "TBD" or "DOE" are not acceptable; monetary amounts must be specified)
Description:(Duties, responsibilities, etc.)
Required Skills:
Desired Skills:
Contact Information:(Name, address, etc.)
Date Posted:
Closing Date:(If applicable; otherwise one month from Posting Date)

Postings that do not adhere to these guidelines will not be accepted. This applies especially to the salary field which must include a specific salary range. Phrases such as "Commensurate with experience" are not sufficient. If you are unable to post an actual salary amount, you can purchase a banner ad on our websites which can direct the candidate back to your own website where you may, of course, say whatever you want.

Note that this service is for job openings, and not for individuals seeking employment. If you are interested in a posted position, please contact the poster directly, and not ISUG. We do not post resumes, nor do we forward resumes for job postings, so please do not send them to us.

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[US:NY:New York] Database Developer
[US:IL:Chicago] Senior Sybase IQ Consultant
[CA:ON:Toronto] PowerBuilder Developer (*2)
[AU:NSW:Sydney] Sybase DBA
[CA:ON:Toronto] PowerBuilder Programmer Analyst
[CA:ON:Kitchener] Senior Software Developer
[US:TX:San Antonio] PowerBuilder Programmer
[US:CA:Calabasas] Sybase Database Administrator
[US:CO:Broomfield] PowerBuilder Programmer
[US:NY:Buffalo/Clarence] Senior Sybase DBA Migration Lead
[EMEA:DE:St. Leon-Rot] Software Engineer
[US:CA:Newport Beach] Sr. Database Architect
[AP:AU:Sydney] Sybase Analyst Programmer - Global Investment Bank
[US:TX:Austin] PowerBuilder Software Developer
[AP:India:Bangalore] PowerBuilder Programmer
[US:NJ:Jersey City] Senior Database Architect
[US:CA:San Francisco] PowerBuilder Programmer
[US:MI:Grand Rapids] Sybase DBA
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