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Virtual User Groups

If there's no local User Group in your area, or your interest is in a product area not often covered by your local group, then ISUG's Virtual User Groups (VUGs), also known as Special Interest Groups (SIGs), are definitely for you. Virtual User Groups function the same way as Local User Groups, except that the group meets via conference call rather than face-to-face. New groups are being organized for EAServer, PowerBuilder, and PowerDesigner. There are existing groups for DataWindow .NET, EDI Tools/HIPAA, Impact, Mobility, Replication, Sybase IQ and WorkSpace. There are Sybase Engineers involved in these groups, so please take advantage of this opportunity to interact with the folks responsible for the products that you use.

Upcoming Meetings(*)


Next Meeting   Time

ASE - North America

June 18th Noon PDT / 3pm EDT

ASE - Asia-Pacific

June 19th 1pm EST (Sydney)


June 24th 11am PDT / 2pm EDT


July 1st 9am PST / 12pm EST / 5pm GMT
(*) Be sure to sign up for the mailing list for the SIGs that you are interested in to get updated meeting information.

Communities have been set up for each group on the My.ISUG.com Members web site. Each community has a calendar, file library, mailing list, a news section, and the ability to do polls and surveys. You will need your MyISUG Member login to join the community and the mailing list. Once you're on the community page, you can click on the Join Member List box in the upper right hand corner. To join the mailing list, click on My Subscriptions and choose Special Interest Groups (SIGs) for the category and the appropriate SIG name from the second drop down list.

Some of the groups are open both to ISUG members and non-ISUG members, while others are only open to members. If you have problems accessing the link, please click on the ISUG Help, Feedback, or Login Support links within the My.ISUG.com site.

    • IMPACT

      Monthly, Last Wed., 2pm EST

      James Russell
      Munson Healthcare
      Suttons Bay, MI
      Phone: (231) 935-2242


      Homepage: http://my.isug.com/impact

    • Mobility

      Monthly, 3rd Wed, 1pm EST

      Scott Rogillio
      State of Texas


      Homepage: my.isug.com/mobility

    • Sybase IQ

      Monthly, 2nd Wed, 1pm EST

      Cindy Bean
      Phone: 713-918-1841
      Fax: 731-918-1302


      Homepage: my.isug.com/iq

    • Replication

      Monthly, 1st Wed, Noon EST

      Mike Harrold
      Executive Director, ISUG


      Homepage: my.isug.com/replication

    • WorkSpace

      Monthly, 2nd Thu, 11am EST

      Ian Thain
      Sybase UK, Ltd.


      Homepage: my.isug.com/workspace

    • EDI Products

      Monthly, 1st Thu,
      2pm EST

      Pete Austin
      Vice President, eCommerce Services
      AXIOM Systems, Inc.
      Phone: (301) 840-3861 x-210
      Fax:   (240) 465-0051


      Homepage: my.isug.com/edi

    • EAServer

      Time TBA

      Loren Corbridge
      Sybase, Inc.


      Homepage: http://my.isug.com/easerver

    • DataWindow .NET

      Quarterly, 2nd Tue, 3pm EST
      (Sep, Dec, Mar, Jun)

      Dave Fish
      Sybase, Inc.


      Homepage: my.isug.com/datawindow.net

    • PowerDesigner / Modeling

      Bi-monthly, 2nd Tue, 1pm EST
      (Sep, Nov, Jan, Mar, May, Jul)

      Matt Creason
      Sybase, Inc.


      Homepage: my.isug.com/powerdesigner

    • PowerBuilder – Members Only

      Time: TBA

      Chris Pollach
      President, Software Tool & Die
      Bryan Enochs
      President, ISUG


      Homepage: http://my.isug.com/pb

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